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Stone Masons Sydney

Stone masons Sydney, Freemasons Sydney have existed since the early dawn of human civilization, building structures and sculptures just by using the stone mined from quarries. In the Neolithic Era people discovered the use of fire to create plasters, and mortars. They used mud, straw, or stone, to build homes, leading to the birth of masonry. The most impressive construction that proved to last over the centuries, were heavily relying on stone. The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, in Central America were the step pyramids, Greece and Rome had their temples, and public works, all build from stone. Sophroniscus is one of the famous ancient stone masons worth mentioning. He was the father of Socrates.

As centuries went by, castle-building became a veritable industry, supported and relying on stone masonry. When the Roman Empire fell, masonry had to suffer as well because of the extent in popularity of timber-based constructions.

Later on, starting with the 9th and 10th century, masonry was again in high demand due to the increase in construction of impressive churches and cathedrals. Since their skills were at high demand, masonry developed rankings to differentiate their skills. This led to the rise of three classes: apprentices, journeymen, and masters. Apprentices were indentured as a price for their training by their masters while journeymen could travel to assist other masons. The masters were the highest in rank and were considered freemen who could work freely for their patrons.

In the Renaissance era the Society of Freemasonry was created. This society would accept into the guild persons that were not masons to observe the culture of stone masons. During this age, masons used to carve a personal symbol on their work to differentiate it from others. Also during the Renaissance, a return to the sophisticated and prominent classic style was observed. The nourishing center of this age was Italy. Even today, many renascent cathedrals and cultural buildings still stand tall, reminiscent of this wonderful era. Structures such as Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Laurentian Library and the Fountain of Neptune were all built by renascent stone mason Michelangelo Buonarroti.

During the settlement of Europeans on American soil, masonry was used to build structures as stone was the material of choice. At first, the building resembled European style but soon to be replaced by unique architecture.

Nowadays, stone masonry is very different then in the past. Modern machines and forklifts replaced the usage of animals and human muscle powered work with our Stone Masons Sydney.